In the world of emily green, we spark imaginations and inspire creativity. As a global lifestyle brand, emily green's philosophy begins and ends with everyone is an artist and through the power of imagination we can make our world a better place! 

emily green's fun, light hearted approach to ideas, designs and products can be found in top retailers, restaurants, luxury hotels and homes around the world. emily green - a brand of imagination was created to bring color and happiness into people’s everyday lives. 

emily's passion for innovation and her background as a co-creator for kid’s animated series as well as an illustrator for national magazines along with her imagination workshops provides that special emily green spark. It's the special recipe that defines emily green - the balancing of whimsical designs and everyday fun.

In 2003, emily began making imagination mats as gifts for her childhood friends in Michigan who were starting families. Soon everybody wanted emily green table top decor and the business grew from there.


Today, emily green is a global lifestyle brand for parents and kids of all ages. Under emily's creative leadership, emily green - a brand of imagination was created to bring color and happiness into people’s everyday lives. 

emily green - a brand of imagination products have sold in more then 4000 stores worldwide from small boutiques to major retailers. Kids of all ages in so many countries around the world from Japan to United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and everywhere in between. It's amazing to celebrate imagination across borders and cultures. 

emily green - a brand of imagination is a giant playground where anything and everything is possible.