tooth fairy boxes

i love when my daughter daisy looses a tooth. it's so exciting because we have a very creative tooth fairy. for each tooth it appears the tooth fairy recycles a small box and finds magical treasures around our house to decorate the box. it's always filled with a beautiful rolled one dollar bill. last year daisy even said, "mommy, i think the tooth fairy must have borrowed your glue gun."

Here are some of the materials the tooth fairy has found around our house in the middle of the night - beads, tin foil, duct tape, old ribbons, burlap, tassels, colored pipe cleaners, origami papers, color xeroxes, satin, astro turf, glitter. daisy's bedroom is displayed with all her boxes. it's so fun to count all the boxes and see how many teeth she has lost - 13 teeth in 13 cute little tooth fairy boxes.

even the tooth fairy has a GIANT imagination!
love, emily