make your own paint stick puppets

paint stick puppets

make your own paint stick puppets!
every time i do this project, i’m amazed how each puppet has its own personality. all items can be taken from your imagination bucket!
magical materials:
1 paper plate
1 wooden paint stick (used or head over to a hardware store, they usually give this to you for free!)
1 glue gun (parents only!)
basic everyday glue (if you don’t have a glue gun then basic glue will work just fine – but will take much longer to dry)
1 paint brush
some paint
items from your imagination bucket – or recycled from around your house
jump into fun!
glue the bottom of a plate to a paint stick
paint the top side of the plate with the face of your new puppet friend – let dry
add eyes! – use bottle caps, buttons, whatever!
glue on eyes to the face of your new friend
add a mouth! – try a straw, a zipper, some old fabric
glue on mouth
add a nose! – soda caps and old erasers make great noses
glue on nose
if you like sparkle, sprinkle glitter on your puppet’s cheeks or add some tinsel for hair!
use your giant imagination to make your puppet friend come alive. name your new puppet friend and have some fun!