why emily green

emily green  is an imagination expert.  She was born to "emilize" up the place. She loves a blank service and sees sees them as opportunities, as designs waiting to happen. A pluralist muralist, she eyes lazy susans and duvet covers as objects in need of her art. A gleeful graffitist, she hears serving trays and bedroom slippers crying out for a tag.

emily is a high priestess of prints. A poet of pattern. An artist with a prankster soul. An obsessive doodler determined to redraw the world, she’s a rebel with a commercial cause. To shake things up. To imagination books. To electrify toasters. To spice up crock pots. To trick up the picnic.

Emily is a prolific perfectionist, banging out originals with the ease and speed of copies — each paisley, stripe and swirl as individual as a snow flake. Every color choice a bold decisive statement, a stroke of creative genius. She’s post-modern, pro-party and anti-elitist. She’s a fabulous Fabulist.

Emily is the vessel. emily green - a brand of imagination is the vehicle. She’s the engine that drives the company. The spark that ignites the campfire. FB offers the verve, vivacity and va-va-voom of JS in the form of everyday items for kitchens, bedrooms, work spaces and play places. She has her brushes in a lot of pots — with more in the works. She also wears a lot of hats: CEO, mother co-feeder of Bug the loyal house chiqoua terror. She makes her home  in Los Angeles and works out of a whimscial design studio called chateau imagination where sees the world  as her giant playground.